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Why would anyone support these insane coaches?

Posted on: February 1, 2010 1:38 pm
               There is something I don’t understand that is going on in the college football community. I am not talking about the coaches switching teams at the smell of an extra dime. I am not talking about boosters giving the players free dinners of hamburgers with a side of cash. I may get to these topics another day, but what I am bothered by are the college football fans who are supporting abusive coaches. I will give my usual disclaimer first. I was a student at Indiana University when Bob Knight was fired and protested in support of him. I still think he is an amazing coach, but there is no way I would have ever played basketball for him or let any future child play basketball for him.
                There are three coaches that were recently fired for their abusive natures. Jim Leavitt of USF, Mike Leach of Texas Tech, and Mark Mangino of Kansas. Although all 3 are institutions of generous size, none of these schools have been recent contenders for the Championship but have still been successful programs under these coaches. I just don’t understand how college football fans can support these guys.
                 Did you cheer for Johnny in the Karate Kid to defeat the crane? How can anyone support these coaches? These coaches, who all make close to if not more than seven figures, are bullying around teenagers because they are afraid they might lose a game. Boo hoo. It is absolutely ridiculous. None of these 3 should be allowed to coach again unless there are even more strict clauses in their contracts concerning physical or mental abuse of their players.
                Furthermore, people are angry because the parents of these kids are telling the universities on the coaches. DUH. If it were your child who was bullied around by a sports coach, you would want him fired in an instant second. I think before dorky fans support these crazy coaches who are super rich, they should actually think about the people affected and get real. Everyone knows football is a contact sport but there is no reason for the behavior of these coaches. For what these universities pay these coaches then they should be able to learn how to coach without beating up on children.
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